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Posted by Simon Dehne on February 17, 2014 in Latest News with No Comments

Over the weekend, I really thought about WHY we started Helpcompare.

Simon Dehne

What I realised was we were about making it easier for people to find the most suitable loan for their needs at their current stage in life. But what does that really mean? What it comes down to is we want to help people manage their money wiser and give you the confidence of managing your financial needs the way you want to.

At Helpcompare we do this by helping you compare what the latest lending products that are being offered in terms of interest rates, features and flexibility.

Many of us get a health check annually. We suggest you do the same for your finances, not just your loan, but all your financial needs e.g. super, insurance etc.

The good news is the Australian banks are enjoying strong profitability, which allows them to be able to chase greater lending volume. A key way of doing this is by offering special deals to attract new clients. Often these offers are only targeted at new customers and not the existing loyal customers they already have. So existing borrowers should review what is on offer at least annually to see what deals are available. At worst you may have spent a little time just to learn you have a great deal at this present moment. Or you may find you can restructure your loans to get a lower rate that will save you money, especially if you maintain the same repayments or better on what you are paying now.

In recent years, the mortgage brokering industry has been highly regulated. Now a mortgage broker is unable to recommend you refinance a loan unless they can clearly show to you and the watchdogs that any move will be of tangible benefit.

We believe this really puts the power back to you, the customer. You can now quickly compare loans to increase your knowledge and understanding of what is on offer in the market today and deal with a mortgage broker who by law has to prove that any recommendation they make is the best for you at that particular moment in time.

So at Helpcompare, we believe we are helping people be ‘money confident’ by giving you the power with the latest information today…. So why not compare now!

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