NAB's 'Dob in a Delayer" is about Money Confidence right?

Posted by Simon Dehne on March 3, 2014 in Latest News with No Comments

Last night I was watching The Block. And during the course of the show, the major sponsor, National Australia Bank, launched a promotion called “Dob in a Delayer”. Now, I’ll declare my bias up front, I am good friends with the head of Marketing at the NAB, but I had no awareness of the campaign, and would not hesitate to provide constructive feedback.

Having said that, I really liked the campaign. So no need. (Phew!) In fact, I liked the idea, and I liked the approach. It totally taps into the reality of the relationships of couples who are working together to improve their lives and their homes. It taps into the reality of the time poor people who have great ambitions for updating, renovating or fixing up their homes but who just never get a round to it.

(Actually as I say that, I am reminded of the circular drawing of the words TUIT TUIT TUIT that used to be on the reverse side of the laundry door at my parents house. Which, was underlined with the caption ” Now you have a round TUIT, you can get on with doing it”.)

Distraction aside, the thing I liked most about the idea of Dob in a Delayer was this, it recognises that its ok to have a list of actions that need to be completed when it comes to getting your house in order, which includes, finances!

And of course thats why we created HelpCompare. We recognise that not everyone is ready to just ‘organise’ their finances into a a perfectly folded drawer. That in fact, most people are on a journey of learning

  • what it is they want,
  • what it is they need and
  • how they might get there

Furthermore, who can help them.

And at HelpCompare, like Dob in a Delayer, we want to support people on that journey of getting the job done. Or at the very least getting it underway.

Thats right, part of the great thing about HelpCompare is that just by reading the questions, you’ll get a sense of what you should be considering when it comes to sorting out your home loan products, and or the providers. (Of course with HelpCompare its free to use too).

It why we have the promise ” Be Money Confident” we really strive to help people to be more confident about getting their finances (Specifically the biggest part of it – the homeloan) in shape!

So, if you are likely to Dob in a Delayer, we would recommend you also send them to because it might be time to refinance, review, or just get more money confident.

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