How Smart Are You?

Posted by Simon Dehne on March 19, 2014 in Latest News with No Comments

Having worked in the mortgage lending space for close to 30 years, I just take for granted that I compare the various product features and price as part of my annual review of our finances…don’t we all? However, since I decided to work full time in the business I have been amazed at how much better the finance deals are that are available in the market. Yes, I know what you are thinking; it is in my interest to say this because I want you to compare your loan and use our service. And yes that is true, however the fact remains there are some great deals out there that will save you lots on interest, reduce your loan debt quicker and allow you to become financially secure sooner for your family or just yourself. For example if you are not paying under 5% as a variable home loan rate, you are paying to much interest. Just a quick comparison on my own finances at, I could see from a popular lender I could get a rate of 4.76%.

Yes, there is a little bit of pain in moving, but that’s a good reason to use a broker.

But why stop there. In a previous blog I mentioned how I compared my own health cover. The great news was with the additional fee increase starting from 1st April I am saving about $200 per month and getting better cover.But yesterday, I thought I would check to see if I could save some more money by paying in advance for 12 months, thus beating the fee increase. Of course you need to the cash upfront to cover the premium but the great news is I could save a further $500 over the 12 months, which basically equates to a combined monthly savings of close to $250.

Some people think there must be a catch to get these cheaper deals. The point is, the Internet has been the vehicle to reduce the middle costs. Sites such as allow people to save time, get access to reliable information and become more informed. The providers don’t need to spend as much money marketing; they have learned to become more efficient as a result of continued competition and thus savings can be found for those who look.

We hope you look, especially before Tuesday 1st April.

Remember it is smart to compare!

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