Buyers Market For Property and Loans

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Buyers Market For Property and Loans

With the Reserve Bank keeping interest rates on hold and their minutes from the their meeting suggesting no movement in interest rates for the rest of the year, this will see home loan rates remain at an all time low.

The banks continue to perform well, recording strong profitable returns – which all bodes well for increased competition for the home loan borrower. The Age’s property section suggests the property market is becoming more favorable for buyers, with house price growth slowing in recent months. What does this all mean for you, well, if you are in the market for a new home and needing to arrange finance, you are now finding yourself in a market that is ideal for getting a great property at a reasonable price with a very competitive interest rate.

Lenders are very keen to win your business, property owners selling their homes are becoming more realistic about what they can get for their property and the reserve bank is sitting tight on interest rates. Not only is it good for buyers, but we are also starting to see lenders offer refinance packages to win the home loan customer over to them. If you have an existing loan and not compared your current interest rate with other lenders in the last 18 months, you maybe surprised at the terrific offers available that could save you money and payoff your loan that much sooner. So don’t just think about shopping around, use to find the right loan for you. We compare over 30 lenders and all their lending products to make it simpler for you in finding the right loan.

We also offer a full professional mortgage broker service to help make the process simpler and efficient for you. Click on our mortgage broker tab for more details.

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