Acorns turns your spare change into an investment portfolio

Posted by Simon Dehne on February 8, 2016 in Latest News with No Comments

AcornsA new app is launching in Australia that will take a few cents here and a few dollars there and invest it in exchange traded funds on your behalf.

I had coffee recently with George Lucas.
No, not that George Lucas. My coffee was with the managing director of Acorns Grow Australia.
He wanted to tell me about his company’s micro-investment app, which launches on February 10, and is designed to get young people started with investing.
Acorns works by rounding up your virtual “spare change” and investing it on your behalf.

I knew Lucas was on to something when, about a week after our coffee, my husband rang me up to ask if I’d heard of this new thing called Acorns because all the millennials in his office were talking about it.

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