7 reasons to believe Australian property prices aren’t about to fall off a cliff

Posted by Simon Dehne on November 23, 2015 in Latest News with No Comments

BIRLING GAP, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 19:  Work begins today to demolish the end terrace cottage at Birling Gap on March 19, 2014 near Eastbourne, United Kingdom. The ex-coastguard cottage was in danger of collapsing after cliff erosion and was once one of seven properties, two of which were already demolished in the last two decades. The council said the next cottage in line would only have up to ten years before it too succumbs to the erosion. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Is Australia’s property market really a precarious house of cards waiting to topple?

There’s a property debate raging at present – some say the future for property is bright while others suggest our markets are set to crash.

After a number of boom years, especially in the Sydney and Melbourne property markets, we’ve entered a more mature stage of the property cycle, and obviously, it would be good to know who’s right if you are considering investing in property, or about to buy a home
But remember there is not one property market around Australia.

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