Mortgage Broking Services is a free service and has been wonderfully successful at helping our community of users get a better understanding of their own needs as well as financial products. And whilst it also provides a great guide to the current competitive rates in the market, it can negotiate on your behalf or advise you on which lender will best meet your needs, based on service, borrowing capacity, flexibility and many other requirements.

Furthermore, no bank or bank product is ever going to tell you when the market has changed, or that it might be time to review your loan provider or loan product. And, we just had lots of requests for additional support.

So we have started to support our customers through the whole process of getting their loan sorted, by introducing a comprehensive Mortgage Broking Service.

What we do

Helpcompare is now offering a mortgage broker service. A mortgage broker is a go-between for you and the lender. We will be able to answer any questions you have, share with you our 30 years of finance experience  making it easier for you to organise your borrowing needs and other financial requirements. With years of experience, strong lender knowledge and relationships with all the lenders our service delivers on helping you achieve your goals.

The Helpcompare team, holds your hand through the entire process. We follow up phone calls, chasing up documents and working with the lender and other professional services to ensure we save you time and money.

The Helpcompare service includes:

  1. Identifying the lenders that best suit your needs
  2. Determining which lenders may approve your lending needs
  3. Assessing your total borrowing capacity which varies from lender to lender
  4. Helping to select the most suitable loan structure to meet your objectives
  5. Completing all loan application documents/complying with the new government regulations
  6. Submitting the loan application to the lender
  7. Notifying you as soon as your loan has been approved
  8. Assisting in the execution of mortgage documents
  9. Providing a annual finance review to ensure you have the best deal
  10. Being available when ever you have a question you need answered


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