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The journey started with a simple and personal goal.  To help empower people to change their own lives through better money management. So, it really is for anyone who is looking to get their first loan, refinance an existing loan, or review their lending needs. So we created a comparison site to give you the power with access to over 800 home and investment loan products from a panel of 30 plus banks and secure lenders.

We know that selecting home loans is daunting for some, and time consuming for everyone. So we thought we could help people more quickly identify the types of home loans questions that they will need to answer, when choosing a property loan. Our comparison service helps people understand these issues and helps to narrow the field of property loan options.

Our vision is about enabling and empowering people with information that increases their knowledge, but more importantly their confidence to help them lead a life they want to live. We believe Helpcompare.com.au gives you that power.

Who can use the HelpCompare.com.au service?

HelpCompare.com.au can be used by anyone. When we designed the service though, we did so with a couple of audiences in mind. The first category is those that would benefit from learning about loans simply by answering the loan questions and seeing the results. (These people are often then ready for some additional support as they get a better handle on other questions they may have). The second category is those that have a good, or very specific idea of the loan they are looking for and to short list a set of loan products based on those needs. Generally these people are time poor.

How does it work?

For Loans, it’s very easy.
You simply answer the ‘needs’ question set and hit submit. We then filter through hundreds of products, provide a set of results for comparison, and have an accredited broker, contact each user to ascertain whether they need any additional information and support. Of course some do, some don’t and others are still not sure. Which is why we recommend you take advantage of the broker service we also provide and spend some time with them getting the information you need to make an informed decision.

What loan providers are included in the panel?

We cover more than 30 banks and secured lenders, including the major banks, which between them have hundreds of products and product variants based on the needs and wants of the borrower. Whilst great for the borrower, this flexibility does add to the confusion if you don’t have a great knowledge of the products and issues. You can view our full list of the lenders in and out of our filter; Lenders List.

How much does it cost?

HelpCompare.com.au is available to its users at no charge.

How do you make money?

In the case of Home Loans, HelpCompare.com.au works with the accredited mortgage brokers to service your needs. These brokers pay a registration and administration service fee as part of their ongoing accreditation with HelpCompare.com.au. We introduce them to you, on your acceptance, and provide them with your home loan needs and some of your contact preferences/details. We believe that the broker is critical in further supporting your journey in making an informed decision. You should know, that you are under absolutely no obligation to utilise the broker, however, we do believe that brokers are a critical part of the loan process and you should seriously consider using the broker for the benefits you could get.

If it help you appreciate the value of brokers, then you should be aware that currently more than 40% of loans in Australia are purchased through a broker. In the US it is more like 75% plus. So the real opportunity is to supplement your use of HelpCompare.com.au by using the broker to help you with more information, more education, filtering the products, managing the process, even negotiating further with the lender / banks. We recommend using a qualified and MFAA registered broker, and recommend you check your broker is registered.

HelpCompare.com.au will not be a party to the contract between you and a broker referred to you by us, and HelpCompare.com.au is not responsible for the broker’s performance. However, if you do choose to utilise the services of a broker that is referred by HelpCompare.com.au , and if you are dissatisfied with the broker experience you, then please let us know and we will review their accreditation.

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